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Welcome to the international community of innovative logistics!

Coast Dock express is more than a Logistic Consultancy. Our main focus is that not only analyses of logistic work processes are created, but that there is more coaching during the complete implementation when all changes wilt be effected. This must lead to a smooth logistic operation within your company. Operational Logistics in a healthy environment against a minimum of cost.

LogisticsServices is focused on Logistics Services tor different companies. lt can be for small companies (5 – 20 Fte’s) or petrochemical plants or building projects. For each variety is a different approach.

Services can be: assistance with redesign your warehouse / binding two or more warehouses together / set up a warehouse management system / organize your purchasing department / create standard operating procedures to lead you to ISO certification etc. etc.

Safe delivery, provides the movement of cargo in a short time.

Cargo customers can choose between 6 sizes of pallet or container to ship their goods.  ULDs for special cargo such as sort containers are also available for valuable cargo.  New types of containers will continue to be added to the range to secure our quality to ship your goods to and from Vietnam Airlines.

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